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RAESA Group, History

RAESA was founded in the year 1982 with the aim to create a product with quality that offers solutions for agricultural irrigation. The company specialises in the design and manufacturing of irrigation systems with aluminium pipes and its accessories. In a short period of time, our products achieved a remarkable recognition by their efficiency, quality and durability, as well as by the offered after-sales service.

RAESA starts firstly to work with an extrusion press of 2,000 tons of power, dedicated exclusively to manufacture aluminum pipes. However, from 1986, we start also manufacturing aluminium profiles, used in many industrial sectors, such as: automotion, construction, furniture, lighting and so on. Most of these profiles are designs specially made for each client.

This search of new market opportunities forced us to increase our productive capacity and apart from some expansions in our facilities, we installed two new presses: one of 1,600 tons in 1990 and another one of 2,200 tons at the end of 1999.

From February 2001, a new extrusion press of 2,200 tons was functionning, so our annual production capacity reached the figure of 30,000 aluminum tons.

Our most important premise has been, since our beginnings, to achieve the best possible quality, both in our products and in the service we offer to our clients. So, this continuous effort to improve has made over the years to have a renown both in the national and also in the international market, that has been compensated by our clients' loyalty and the received rewards. Among the most important ones we can mention the gold medal from the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Palencia in 1990 and to be the first company that manufactures sprinkling irrigation equipments to get the quality certification ISO 9002 in 1999.

Due to the remarkable increase in our sales and the convinction of the importance of the American market for our company, RAESA decided to settle in Argentina in 1995. In October 1999, we bought a plant in the city of Pergamino, where we started manufacturing all the products from 2001 to satisfy the needs from South America as well as USA, Canada and Mexico.

Following with our international expansion, RAESA opens new branches in Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Central America and Peru.

RAESA continues to bet on I+D and innovation, improving our products and premises to be competitive at a worldwide level.
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