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Frequent questions (FAQ) / What are the advantages of the sprinkling irrigation over drip irrigation?

The advantages of sprinkling irrigation over drip irrigation are the following:

-Lower installation cost.

-Easier to move the system. Sprinkling irrigation systems can be easily moved from one plot to another; in drip irrigation, this is impossible or very difficult.

-Less obstacles over the surface and so, easier to do crop labours.

-Longer duration of the installation (a sprinkling irrigation system has practically an unlimited useful life). On the other hand, in drip irrigation systems, pipes renewal is continual.

-We must pay attention to filters and do constant preventive labours to avoid drippers plugging. Some studies measured the total suspended material before and after the filtering and showed that a good proportion of organic material had entered through the filter. So a good filtration system does not guarantee the problem of drippers plugging.

-Facility to transport a sprinkling irrigation equipment from one plot to another.
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