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Frequent questions (FAQ) / What are the advantages of the sprinkling irrigation over pivots?

The advantages of sprinkling irrigation over pivots are the following:

-Easier to move the installation. A pivot will always irrigate the same surface.

-Main advantages from sprinkling irrigation against pivots are the following ones:

-Lower sophistication of the installation. A failure in a pivot normally requires specialized manpower for its repair, so a small delay in the localization of this failure can cause irreparable damages in the crop.

-Any consideration to the surface unevenness, surface to irrigate or trees or obstacles in the surface to be irrigated. This is different in pivots, as it demands not to surpass a certain unevenness of the surface, minimum specific surfaces from which it is necessary to make a study, but never before. And finally a pivot can not be installed in plots where there are trees, electric posts, cottages and so on.

-Better irrigation uniformity and instant flow adjustable depending on the type of soil and unevenness of the soil, something that in pivots, there is not a way to regulate.
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