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OIL PALM (Elaeis guineensis).

Oil palm belongs to the palm family. 
Best productions are achieved with an average temperature of 28 ºC. Palm is an heliophilous plant, so the duration of hours of sunshine is an important factor for good results. Best results are achieved when these conditions are present during the whole growing process. 

An adequate water supply is of vital importance during all the life from the plant, so this is why the choice of the irrigation system to be used is really important.

A sprinkling irrigation system in oil palm shows also many advantages, such as: it allows to fight against frosts, to reduce the temperature of oil palm plants, to fight against pests simply with the application of irrigation or even by adding to the irrigation water from pesticides to foliar fertilizers. 

Sprinkling irrigation shows many advantages against other irrigation systems, such as the durability, fiability, maintenance facility, independence on specialized manpower, easiness to storage, cost/ha of sprinkling irrigation, residual sale value and so on.

Oil palm needs loamy or loamy clayey soils, loose, deep, well drained and of volcanic or alluvial origin to achieve best productions. 
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